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Discrimination against motorcyclists comes in many forms - whether by not allowing motorcycles to ride through or park, by detaining motorcyclists on public byways, or by preventing motorcyclists from patronizing an establishment based on our choice of transportation or the clothes we wear, your Massachusetts Motorcycle Association does not condone discrimination in any form.
Your MMA strongly encourages all riders to stick together by not patronizing any establishment with a “No Colors” policy and not attending any events (including Bike/Charity runs) which originate or terminate at those establishments. Organizers as well as riders need to stand together by letting these establishments know that such policies will not be tolerated.
We also need to push back on those businesses and event organizers by educating them through proper channels that motorcycles are registered vehicles, and those who ride them are citizens who pay taxes that fund the development of the roadways used to access those establishments.
You can help by reporting discrimination when you find it. Download and familiarize yourself with the information needed to report discriminatory behaviors, keep copies of the forms on your smart phone, or in your saddlebag to capture the information when you find it, and either mail the form to your Massachusetts Motorcycle Association, or complete the form online. Pictures of any signage are always appreciated and helpful. Your MMA will investigate any claims and take necessary action.
You can also help by not patronizing establishments with such policies, or attending events that chose to hold all or part of their event there. Report to your MMA any establishments that discriminate against motorcyclists and help other riders by reporting establishments that welcome riders!
To find an establishment that welcomes riders, or discriminates against them, access the MMA's Biker Friendly Page, and to report an establishment that prohibits Motorcyclists from entering, or requires that we change or remove articles of clothing, complete the Discrimination Form:
To report a civil violation ("motorcycle-only" traffic stop, "no motorcycle" parking, etc.), complete the Civil Right Violation Complaint Form:
Your Massachusetts Motorcycle Association, and your brother and sister riders, thank-you for your continued support!