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MMA 2017 Annual Meeting & Elections

Published on 9/18/2017

MMA 2017 Annual Meeting & Elections



Your Massachusetts Motorcycle Association would like to invite all members in good standing to the MMA's Annual Meeting to be held on Wednesday, October 4, 2017, at The Rose Garden Restaurant, 16 Milford Street, Upton, MA, starting at 7:30 PM.

The purpose of the Annual Meeting is to discuss the business of your MMA and elect members to board positions that are either vacant or for which the incumbent’s term is expiring. This year, we are expanding the Annual Meeting to discuss the future of the MMA and the structure of the MMA Board-of-Directors to better suit the needs of our future generations.

MMA Board positions open this year include Chairman, Legislative Director, District I Manager, and District IV Manager; each of these positions is a 3-year term of office. Another position open for election is the MRF State Representative, which is an annually elected position.

The positions listed are all elected by the current sitting board members, but are open to any interested member. Eligibility requirements for these positions require that you are a current member in good standing with the MMA for at least one year, and that you are willing to attend the Board meetings in person. The District Manager positions have a further requirement of residing within the respective district in which you would be the manager.

Anyone interested in any of these positions can request more information, or submit a short note of your intention to run and a brief resume to Doc D’Errico, Elections Committee Chairman, no later than Midnight October 3, 2017, via e-mail to Also, you MUST be present at the October meeting to accept the nomination, give a brief statement as to why you are seeking this position, and to answer any questions members may have.

Please note that each District will be conducting a meeting in their respective districts during the month of October. The purpose of these meetings will be to elect a District Representative for each district. Elected by the attending District Membership, District Representatives fill a one year seat on the Board-of-Directors to act as the membership’s voice on the Board, and to bring Board activities back to the membership. The eligibility is the same as for the District Managers as stated above. Anyone interested in a District Representative Position should contact their respective District Manager, or Doc D’Errico, Vice Chairman.

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