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MMA Update: Anti-Motorcycle Articles Soundly DEFEATED in Yarmouth

Published on 5/9/2016
MMA Update: Anti-Motorcycle Articles Soundly DEFEATED in Yarmouth

Your Massachusetts Motorcycle Association is pleased to report that the two anti-motorcycle articles brought forward to Yarmouth Town Meeting by a single resident petitioner have been defeated!

As proposed, the first Special Article sought to order the Yarmouth Police Department to “require, certify and document for the public record that all participants are in conformance with Town of Yarmouth Code 104-3, Noise from motor vehicles; MGL CH90, SEC16, Offensive or illegal operation of motor vehicles; 540CMR 3.02, Allowable Noise Levels for Motorcycles; 540CMR4.06(4), Muffler and Exhaust; and any other applicable existing or future town or state statutes.”The second Special Article ordered that the Yarmouth Police Department “shall collect data on the results of the [sound] check and have them available in the public record.” Both articles would have applied to any “motorcycle ride, parade” and/or “motor vehicle sound check event sponsored, hosted, promoted, advertised, or otherwise involving the Yarmouth Police Department”, most likely targeting two of the biggest rides on Cape Cod, specifically the First Responders Ride held in May and Big Nick’s Ride for the Fallen which is held in July. 

Both articles were strongly opposed by your Massachusetts Motorcycle Association, heard by the Yarmouth Board-of-Selectmen during an open meeting in March, and then brought to Town Meeting as opposed by the Board of Selectmen. When called, though the petitioner had the requisite signatures to bring these overburdening anti-motorcycle petitions to Town Meeting, the residents of Yarmouth soundly defeated these articles by not seconding the articles as they were moved to the floor. Procedure requires the article to be moved to the floor, and then seconded, and then discussed, and then voted upon. Because neither of the articles were seconded, they both failed and were summarily dismissed.

Your MMA notes that hundreds of Yarmouth residents were in attendance, and none of them beyond the petitioner wanted to see these articles advanced. The residents of Yarmouth have spoken and their silence was profoundly deafening!

Yarmouth has adopted and supports the MMA’s “When in Town, Throttle Down©” campaign and continues to work with the MMA to educate riders and the public regarding motorcycle sound issues. 

Your Massachusetts Motorcycle Association once again thanks the Town of Yarmouth, its residents, first responders, and especially its Board of Selectmen, for their leadership in assuring that the rights of free citizens are upheld. 

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