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MMA Update: Massachusetts Motorcycle Association Voluntary Motorcycle Sound Check in Yarmouth

Published on 9/20/2015
MMA Update: Massachusetts Motorcycle Association Voluntary Motorcycle Sound Check in Yarmouth
On Saturday, September 19, the Massachusetts Motorcycle Association conducted a voluntary motorcycle sound emissions clinic at the Yarmouth Police Department Headquarters. Police departments from across Cape Cod joined the YPD and local riders to learn the legal limits of sound emissions, and whether their motorcycles were within them.
Conducted by the MMA in conjunction with Local Law Enforcement Officers, a total of 42 motorcycles were tested; only 3 motorcycles tested above the legal stationary sound emissions limits as defined by Massachusetts law. All tests were conducted according to Registry of Motor Vehicles stationary noise level  standards defined by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
While demonstrating that 93% of the motorcycles tested passed Massachusetts motorcycle sound emission standards, a major emphasis was on the MMA's Nationally-recognized "When in Town, Throttle Down" motorcycle sound emissions initiative, where riders learned how they have a way to control their motorcycle sound levels. A motorcycle that legally passes these tests may still be perceived by some to be "too loud" depending on how the rider operates the motorcycle. Riders are aware that simple modifications regarding RPM control mitigates the motorcycles' impact and sound emissions levels upon the public.
The MMA thanks the Police Officers and local riders for participating in this event, and suggest you visit for more information.
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