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MMA CTA: Right-of-Way Violations Bill Public Hearings July 23 at 10AM

Published on 7/22/2015

MMA CTA: Right-of-Way Violations Bill Public Hearings July 23 at 10AM

Your Massachusetts Motorcycle Association reminds motorcyclists that tomorrow's public hearings for House Bill Number 3056 is being held at the State House in Hearing Room A-2.

We need your support and encourage everyone to participate! We all know someone that has been a victim of a RoW accident; whether it be as a Motorist, Motorcyclist, Bicyclist or Pedestrian. We need your help with getting H.3056 PASSED!

PLEASE NOTE:  if you cannot attend it's not too late to insure your voice is heard. You can still write a letter requesting the Transportation Committee issue a "Favorable, Ought-to-Pass" recommendation for H.3056, which will enable the bill to move to the House Floor for debate and vote.
All attendees should plan to meet at the Firefighter Memorial located outsidethe State House, on the Bowdoin Street side, at approximately 9:00AM. The Memorial grounds are also known as Ashburton Park and this location has an entrance leading directly to the Hearing Rooms. Upon entering the buildings, all attendees will need to pass through security and the metal detectors.

Nearly 2/3 of motorcycle accidents involving another vehicle are caused by violations of the motorcyclist’s right-of-way. H.3056 seeks to raise awareness of this issue to all motorists and also increases the penalties for those who cause these accidents, is not restricted to motorcycles, and is at no cost to the Commonwealth!

Send your letter to:

Senator Thomas McGee
Transportation Committee Senate Chairman
State House
Room 109C
Boston, MA 02133
Phone: (617) 722-1350

Representative William Straus
Transportation Committee House Chairman
State House
Room 134
Boston, MA 02133
Phone: (617) 722-2400
Fax: (617) 722-2387

Please e-mail your letter to the 2 Chairmen, but also put it into the mail so they get your original signed copy. Even though the hearings are tomorrow, discussions among the committee members will continue as they lead towards their decision.

Contact with any questions and visit for further details regarding the MMA's Legislative Agenda.

Thank you! You can help influence this decision!


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