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MMA UPDATE-Proposed Yarmouth Motorcycle Rides Ban

Published on 4/7/2015

MMA UPDATE-Proposed Yarmouth Motorcycle Rides Ban

The Yarmouth Board-of-Selectmen met on March, 31, 2015 to hear arguments concerning the petitioned Motorcycle Warrant Articles. The Massachusetts Motorcycle Association is pleased to report that after hearing both sides, the Yarmouth Board-of-Selectmen voted unanimously to oppose both the “Motorcycle Rides Ban” and the mandatory reporting of Motorcycle Noise Citations by the Yarmouth Police Department. However, this is NOT the end of the road for these actions.

The Massachusetts Motorcycle Association (MMA) would like to remind motorcycle riders that the battle is not over! Pursuant to process, the articles will still be brought up at Town Meeting for a vote and the threat of a ban is still a very real possibility!Although the Selectmen have made their recommendation to oppose the articles, Yarmouth Town residents will vote to decide if a ban will be put into place. Riders and supporters in Yarmouth still need to attend the May 2, 2015 Town Meeting to vote against the petitioned articles.

The petitioner and his followers are still fighting to win the battle to restrict your "Right to Ride" in Yarmouth. In fact, during testimony at the recent Selectmen meeting, the petitioner boldly stated, “the motorcycle ride, pretty much, is just an excuse to make noise.” He also stated that these motorcycle rides end up “Inviting an element that engages in loud and excessive motor vehicle noise.” His cavalier attitude cowardly ignores the Military Veterans honored by “the invited element” that rides and spends their hard earned dollars helping others and displaying respect. In fact, one Board member said to the petitioner, “If I have to be inconvenienced for a couple of hours, it’s a small price to pay to thank them for their sacrifice!”

If you are a Yarmouth rider, then Mass Motorcycle urges you to protect your "Right to Ride" by attending and voting against these restrictions on May 2, 2015 at Town Meeting.   The battle is not over and we cannot rest simply because the Selectmen made their recommendation to oppose this article, the town residents will have the final say.

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