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Massachusetts Motorcycle Association Voluntary Sound Emissions Check in Lynnfield September 13th

Published on 9/10/2014

Massachusetts Motorcycle Association Voluntary Sound Emissions Check in Lynnfield September 13th

As the weather warms, motorcycles leave their garages, windows go up, and so do the volume of complaints about noise. Road construction, landscaping crews, trucks, cars, and motorcycles. Normally by this time of year, the windows are going back down, as are the volume of complaints, but in Lynnfield, MA, there remain a very active neighborhood community of "concerned neighbors” who are asking that the local law enforcement “do something about it”.

Over the past couple of years, the Massachusetts Motorcycle Association has partnered with the Lynnfield Police Department to help educate riders about the sound emissions of their motorcycles. Part of the MMA’s “When in Town, Throttle Down©” campaign, these voluntary should checks help riders, law enforcement, and the community understand the facts and fiction about motorcycle sound emissions. Previous events have demonstrated that the vast majority of motorcycles meet the legal standards, as also recently demonstrated by the Haverhill Police Department, by the MMA in Salem, and Yarmouth.

Motorcyclists who choose to, can have their motorcycle’s sound emissions tested against the Massachusetts Regulations standards. Although Local Law Enforcement and other town officials may be present, there will not be any citations issued for Sound Emission Violations during this educational program. All interested parties may attend, whether residents of Lynnfield, or just regular riders through the town. The Voluntary Educational Program will be held at the Lynnfield Middle School, 505 Main Street, from 9:30 until noon on Saturday, September 13, 2014.

Riders are encouraged to voluntarily test their motorcycles periodically just to see if their exhaust system is deteriorating. Riders participating will receive a copy of the MMA’s “When in Town, Throttle Down©” brochure and a kickstand puck as a thank-you for their participation.

The MMA is a not-for-profit, 501(c)3 organization of motorcycle riders and enthusiasts, dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of motorcyclists' rights through appropriate, non-discriminatory legislation and regulation at all levels of government, and through the implementation of safety, insurance, education and public awareness policy and programs for the betterment of all motorcycling within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 

Requests for additional information and questions should be sent to: or you can visit for more details.



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