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MMA Unveils "LOOK! For Motorcycles" Awareness Program

Published on 3/18/2014
MMA Unveils "LOOK!  For Motorcycles" Awareness Program 

The Massachusetts Motorcycle Association (MMA) is pleased to announce it is launching a new Motorcycle Safety Awareness campaign for 2014, “LOOK! For Motorcycles”. 

In 1982, then MMA Chairman Bob Doiron launched the “Check Twice, Save a Life – Motorcycles are Everywhere!” slogan, which over the years became very popular and recognizable around New England.  In 2014 there are far more distractions for drivers, on the road and inside their vehicles; the MMA believes that a simpler, more direct message is needed in this faster-paced world. 

MMA "LOOK!" Lawn Sign
MMA "LOOK! For Motorcycles" Lawn Sign (24" wide x 18" high)

Beginning with the upcoming Annual Motorcycle Safety Awareness Period in Massachusetts, the MMA is distributing bumper stickers and lawn signs to anyone who is interested in displaying one.  Lawn signs and bumper stickers are available through your MMA District Officers, and the bumper stickers are available at most MMA events and meetings. 

MMA "LOOK!" Bumper Sticker
MMA "LOOK! For Motorcycles" Bumper Sticker (11.5" wide x 3" high)

Custom-sized banners and other merchandise will be available in coming weeks.

To find your respective District Officers, click here or or for more information, please


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