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MMA Announces 2013 Award Recipients

Published on 1/15/2014

MMA Announces 2013 Award Recipients

The 2013 Annual Massachusetts Motorcycle Association (MMA) Holiday Party & Award Banquet was held in Marlboro, MA and attended by MMA Members and friends from around the Commonwealth and New England, including John Haymond from Haymond Law Firm, several riding organizations and neighboring State Motorcycle Rights Organizations.  Followed by entertainment featuring the band XRB, the evening was an energetic look back on 2013 and the year ahead.

Although the MMA strongly recognizes the efforts of its members when calls-to-action are issued and for their continuous vigilance, we recognize a few who provided outstanding service to the organization and their fellow riders:

Back Row: Irv Evans, Kevin Raiche, Don Bates (Cruiser Club Boston), Dave Condon, Tim Baer
Front Row: Doc D'Errico, Diane Alba

Diane Alba was recognized for Outstanding Achievement by a Member.  Diane is a relatively new member who began attending MMA and Motorcycle Riders Foundation Events and has provided some keen insight and dedicated support to the organization in 2013.  Elected to the Board as Secretary in October, her efforts prior to that election nonetheless far exceeded the norm and were greatly appreciated.

In 2012, this award was given to James Aff, from District II.  As an individual member, Aff led a significant effort to combine the forces of numerous motorcycle groups aimed at promoting the awareness of the MMA and working together towards reducing motorcyclist discrimination by establishments.

Forrest Marine and RV was recognized for their Outstanding Achievement by a MMA Gold Card Sponsor.  Forrest Marine, located in Tyngsboro, has been a long-time supporter of the MMA, often donating products, discounts, and services to support the MMA and its membership.

Irv Evans was recognized for his Outstanding Achievement by a Board Member, recognizing his many years of service to the MMA, its members, and the Board.  Irv retired from the Board as its Secretary in October of this year, although he remains somewhat active since his retirement.

In 2012, this award was given to Dave Elias, who retired as the MMA's Business Manager and also Vice Chairman that year.  Dave was a staple for many years in several roles but also gave countless hours to assuring the MMA's mission was met through support at shows and events around the Commonwealth.

Also recognized in 2012 was Mike Pierce, the MMA's Franklin County Rep for his Outstanding Achievement by a MMA Officer for his dedication to supporting the MMA through his leadership at the MMA Fall Roundup as well as numerous shows and events in District IV.  Additionally, Martha Sherman was recognized for her Outstanding Achievement as a MMA Assistant to the Board for her tireless dedication to the MMA Annual Harley-Davidson Bike Raffle.  Martha has for several years diligently overseen the raffle process, accounting for every ticket sold back to its owner, personally mailing every mail order as well as the mass mailing at the beginning of the season.

2012 Award Winners: Bill Tauro, Joe Kearns, Dana Melberg,
Dave Condon, Dave Elias, Martha Sherman
Not Pictured: James Aff, Mike Pierce

MMA Chairman Dave Condon was recognized in 2012 by the MMA Board-of-Directors for his tireless dedication to the MMA.  Dave has served in a number of roles including District I Manager and has been Chairman since 2009, but few are aware of the hours and personal sacrifice such a volunteer role entails.  Dave is usually the one thanking others, so the members of the Board conspired and chipped in to provide Dave with a token of their appreciation for his commitment, his leadership, and his friendship.

The Cruiser Club of Boston was recognized for their Outstanding Achievement in Support of the MMA's Mission.  The "CCB" has stepped up greatly over the past several years supporting key MMA events including providing parking & shuttle services, as well as significant manpower for the 2013 Motorcycle Riders Foundation "BEAST of the East" held in Massachusetts.

Members of the Cruiser Club Boston accepting their award with John Haymond of Haymond Law Firm

MMA Media Awards were given this year, one to Bill Tauro, Publisher of the Boston News Group, and the other to Tim Baer, Publisher of the Motorcyclists Post.  Bill's award was the 2nd consecutive award for the Boston News Group's efforts in continuously moving the MMA's messages out through various print media.  Tim's award was the first for the esteemed Motorcyclists Post which recently changed hands.  The MMA also recognized Leo Castell for his many years of service to the Motorcyclists Post, which has always published MMA Press Releases and updates.  Under Leo's watch, the MMA began writing a monthly column, which has continued with the great support and encouragement of the new Publishers, Tim Baer, his brother Rick, and father Butch.

The MMA Chairman's Cup was awarded to Kevin Raiche for his personal commitment and willingness to do "whatever it takes with a smile".  Kevin has been serving the board as its Membership Services Director and has participated in countless MMA events including several motorcycle sound awareness events in his local community.

In 2012, Dana Melberg was also awarded the MMA Chairman's Cup for his tireless dedication to the organization.  Serving as the MMA District I Representative and previously as Middlesex County Representative, Dana has also made numerous strides in driving membership, supporting MMA events and shows, and creating programs to help drive member satisfaction.

Doc D'Errico was awarded the MMA's Highest Honor, the Brian Clark Lifetime Achievement Award.  Named for the MMA's passed and revered District IV        Manager, the award represents continued selfless commitment to the mission in the highest standards set by Brian.  Brian was a fixture at not only MMA State-Wide events, but also every county and district event as well as those in neighboring states.  Doc has served as the MMA's Legislative Director, Safety & Education Director, and most recently, its Business Manager.  Additionally, Doc is the MRF State Representative and was elected to the MRF Board-of-Directors as the "State Representatives' Rep" by his peers.  Elected as the MMA's Vice Chairman in October, Doc joins past recipients including Griz, Joe "Sarge" Komola and Joe Kearns for their countless hours of dedication and personal sacrifice towards the MMA's mission to protect and promote the riders of Massachusetts.  Joe Kearns was the 2012 recipient in recognition of his many years of legislative vigilance.  He continues to promote the MMA in District IV, as well as provide countless hours of service in the organization and operation of the MMA Fall Roundup.

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