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MMA Announces New Discounted Motorcycle Roadside Assistance Program

Published on 9/5/2013

MMA Announces New Discounted Motorcycle Roadside Assistance Program

Out of gas?  Flat tire?  in need of a tow?  24-Hour Roadside Assistance for Massachusetts Motorcycle Association (MMA) members is always just a toll-free call away!

A longstanding benefit to MMA members has always been the availability of discounted motorcycle roadside assistance.  Due to significant changes by the major carrier, Road America, most programs historically have been extremely limited and/or have simply, well, gone by the roadside…

To make matters worse, although many people have AAA or another provider for their car, truck, or RV, these companies do not offer motorcycle service, except in very limited parts of the country, at a significant premium!

Already think you have coverage through your manufacturer or dealer network?  Check the find print.  In most cases, that's limited to a single tow and/or extremely limited distances or destinations, unless you sign on with a significant premium!

In response to this need and as a service to our members, the MMA is pleased to announce a new partnership with RiderRescue to provide 24-hour roadside assistance for your motorcycle!

Through RiderRescue, these benefits can be immediately available to you:

24 Hour Call Center:  Help is always there when you need it.  Customer service is available for riders in need in English, Spanish and French.  The toll-free number will print out on the MMA branded card when you sign-up with RiderRescue!

Towing Benefit:  Covers up to 4 total service calls per year.  MMA member is towed up to the each benefit limit at No Charge.  MMA members will be charged for any mileage over the benefit limit.

If you have a trike or chopper, please let the customer service provider know this info, so that they can help ensure that the most appropriate vehicle comes out to rescue your bike.

Gas / Fluid delivery:  If you run out of gas, gas will be delivered to you.  The rider is responsible for the actual cost of the gas.

Battery Service: If in need of a jump start, a vehicle will be sent out to attempt to start your motorcycle.  In the event it turns out to be an electrical or other issue, where your bike will not start, your motorcycle will be towed to the nearest approved repair facility. 

*Prior to jump starting a motorcycle (from a heavy duty truck or car), please always instruct the service provider to turn off their engine.  Not doing so can overload your electrical system.  Please also consult your owner’s manual and or dealer for their recommendation on how to best safely jump start your vehicle.

Extrication and Winching: If you are unfortunate enough to get your motorcycle stuck in a ditch, a service provider with extrication and winching services will be sent out to help pull you out.

Lost Key / Lock Service: Lose your key, break it off in the ignition?  When possible a locksmith will attempt to rectify the situation.  If not, your motorcycle will be towed to the nearest dealer for key service and or replacement.

Member Discounts: Your Rider Rescue membership comes with discounts on lodging, rental car and other travel related benefits.  These benefits, and how to access them, will print out when you purchase your membership.

Prices are discounted 20% for MMA Members, simply Click Here to sign-up, or click the "RiderRescue" logo on the MMA's Website.

Motorcycle Roadside Assistance, Scooter Roadside Assistance from Rider Rescue


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