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The MMA Appreciates Your Support concerning MA Ballot Question #1!

Published on 11/7/2012


The MMA Appreciates Your Support concerning MA Ballot Question #1!
...but we still need your help!!

November 7, 2012


The Massachusetts Motorcycle Association (MMA) would like to thank all voters who affirmed their support for motorcycles by voting “YES” on Massachusetts Ballot Question #1, your Right-to-Repair.  With an overwhelming majority of nearly 85%, the largest majority in Massachusetts history, the public has spoken.  But it’s now up to the Legislature to reconcile this mandate with the “compromise” law recently passed.


As previously reported by the MMA and others, the “compromise” law specifically excludes Motorcycles, Trucks (including vans, panel trucks and pickups over 10,000 pounds), and has no real penalties for non-compliance.  The MMA is concerned that any attempts to reconcile the bill by retaining the “compromise” definition of Motor Vehicles will merely overturn and reverse the ballot results.


Although the 2 laws also differ on implementation date, the MMA has no specific objection to negotiating a date that manufacturers feel they can comply, but we stand firm in that ALL motor vehicles as defined by Massachusetts General Law, including Motorcycles, should be covered under this new law.


It’s very likely that this “reconciliation” will occur in special session, possibly as early as this week.  The MMA asks that all residents immediately call their Legislators – both their State Senator and their State Representative – to ask that they assure that the Ballot results are not overturned, that Motorcycles and other vehicles are retained in any law concerning your Right-to-Repair.


Please call your legislators’ offices today!  You can find their phone numbers on (put your zip code in the search box in the center of the page).


When you call, ask for the Legislator or their Legislative Aide.  Say, “Hello, I'm <YOUR NAME> from <YOUR TOWN> and I'm a constituent of yours.   On election day, the voters representing the largest majority in Massachusetts History said that we support Right-to-Repair.  News reports that the ballot proposed law needs to be 'reconciled' with the existing law, but the existing 'compromise' excludes Motorcycles and other vehicles and I'd like you to assure that any 'reconciliation' restores motorcycles and other motor vehicles to the new law."


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