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MMA Legislative Agenda for the 2011-2012 Legislative Session

Published on 1/26/2011
The Massachusetts Motorcycle Association (MMA) is pleased to announce its Legislative Agenda for the 2011-2012 Legislative Session.

Celebrating its 35th year of continual operation, the MMA is the Nationally recognized Motorcycle Rights Organization (MRO) in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

The following eight (8) Bills have been filed by the MMA for consideration:

1) Motorcycle Safety Fund Bill (SD1694) – This bill would create\restore a dedicated motorcycle safety fund under direction of the State Treasurer not destined for the General Fund.   This is a “No cost to the Commonwealth” Fund paid by motorcyclists annually during registration.   PRIMARY SPONSOR – Senator Robert Hedlund

2) Helmet Choice for Adults Bill (SD1699) – This bill is simply Freedom of Choice for the Adult motorcyclist regarding Helmet usage.   This bill can actually increase tourism dollars by attracting out-of-state riders who otherwise shun the state.   PRIMARY SPONSOR – Senator Stephen Brewer

3) Sound Emissions Bill (SD1687) – This bill would require definitive MGL 90-7S,7T,7U sound testing in favor of subjective MGL 90-16.   Current subjective testing is routinely defeated in court, resulting in wasted costs for the Commonwealth and the riders.   PRIMARY SPONSOR – Senator Robert Hedlund

4) Malfunctioning Traffic Signal Bill (SD1771) - This bill would detail how an operator of a motorcycle or bicycle could legally go through a malfunctioning red light.   This Safety-related bill would help protect a motorcyclists stuck in traffic at a malfunctioning signal.   PRIMARY SPONSOR – Senator Stephen Brewer

5) Right of Way Bill (SD681) – This bill would toughen penalties for Right of Way Violations by motorists who invade a riders travel lanes.   Current penalties are little more that a “slap on the wrist” for motorists who violate a riders right-of-way causing injury and\or death.   PRIMARY SPONSOR – Senate Monitory Leader Bruce Tarr

6) Motorcycle Safety Training Bill (SD1545) – This bill would provide a means to subsidize Junior Motorcycle Safety Training .   This is a “No cost to the Commonwealth” initiative to help junior motorcycle operators receive important safety training.   PRIMARY SPONSOR – Senator Thomas McGee

7) Out-of-State Riders Helmet Bill (SD1699) – This bill would allow out-of-state riders to exercise their Helmet Freedom of Choice if their home state already allows such choice.   PRIMARY SPONSOR – Senator Robert Hedlund

8) Safety Clothing Tax Exempt (SD1868) - This bill would require the DOR to add to its list of tax exempt items "any safety related clothing\equipment”.   PRIMARY SPONSOR  – Senator Richard Ross

Complete Bill Text is available on the MMA Web Site at in the Legislation Section.

The MMA is currently soliciting co-Sponsors for the above Bills and MMA Members are encouraged to ask their State Representative and Senator to formally sign on as co-Sponsor before the February 4, 2011 deadline.

All legislators are invited to contact the MMA for further information.

Questions and\or comments should be directed to the MMA at     Further details are available at the MMA Web Site: