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MMA's 2015-2016 Legislative Agenda

CREATION DATE:  November 6, 2014                   MODIFIED:  Nov 5, 2015

The MMA’s 2015-2016 Legislative Agenda has been defined and 7 Bills have been filed.   Originally 8 bills, 2 Bills have been merged into 1 (MC Safety Fund Bill) and 1 new Bill was also submitted.   Formal Sponsors have been contacted and co-Sponsors have been invited to sign on.
Formal Bill Numbers have been assigned and updates are posted here.

CLICK HERE to download a 1-page summary of the MMA 2015-2016 Legislative Agenda.

The Bills listed below (in no particular order) are those the MMA sponsored in this 2015-2016 legislative session:

MOTORCYCLE SAFETY FUND BILL-S.1855-Filed by: Senator Thomas McGee

Co-Sponsors:  Senators Sal DiDomenico, Michae Moore, Richard Ross, Bruce Tarr and Representatives Louis Kafka, David Vieira, Brad Hill, Brad Jones, Paul McMurtry, Peter Durant, Carolyn Dykema, John Fernandes, Danielle Gregoire, James Miceli, Tom Sannicandro, Susan Williams Gifford, Todd Smola, Timothy Whelan, Paul Mark, Randy Hunt, Keiko Orrall, and Chris Walsh


Motorcyclists pay a $2.00 premium during their annual registration that is supposed to be allocated to a Motorcycle Safety Fund.   Though this motorcycle safety fund technically exists, it's under control of the MassDOT, and details are kept from the public.  This Bill seeks to ensure that this money is fully accounted for and stays in a dedicated Motorcycle Safety Fund.

Younger vehicle operators represent the largest percentage of vehicular accidents largely due to their inexperience; motorcycles are no exception.  In Massachusetts, those under age 29 represent 35% of all Motorcycle Accidents and Fatalities.  Although Junior Operators are required under MA Law to take Rider Education for their Motorcycle License, it is expensive and often not a priority for younger riders.  This Bill proposes that 20% of the Massachusetts Motorcycle Safety Fund be used to subsidize the cost of training through the Massachusetts Rider Education Program.


More information:  MMA MC Safety Fund Bill Text

Referred to:  Joint Committee on Transportation

Public Hearings:  Monday November 9, 2015 at 10:00AM in Hearing Room A-1
Recommendation:  "Favorable, Ought to Pass"
Referred to:  Senate Ways and Means

MOTORCYCLE SOUND EMISSIONS BILL-Bill Number H.2973-Filed by: Representative Angelo D'Emilia

Co-Sponsors:  Senator Richard Ross:  Representatives Shawn Dooley, James Misceli, David Vieira, Bradford Hill, Bradley Jones, Paul McMurtry, Carolyn Dykema, F. Jay Barrows, Mathew Muratore, Keiko Orrall, John Fernandes, Susan Williams Gifford, Todd Smola, Timothy Whelan, and Benjamin Swan

Massachusetts has two different laws that address Motorcycle Sound Emissions.One of them is completely subjective and allows Law Enforcement much leeway when determining how loud is “too loud”.  The other is completely objective and requires a series of controlled tests specific to Motorcycles.  This Bill seeks to eliminate LEO use of the subjective law when dealing with Motorcycles.

More Information:  MMA MC Sound Emissions Bill
Public Hearings:  Monday November 9, 2015 at 10:00AM in Hearing Room A-1
Recommendation:   Held for Further Study

Filed by: Senator Anne Gobi

Co-Sponsors:  TBD

Motorcycle riders have the right to bear arms, have served or are serving in the Military, yet they are not allowed to ride helmet-free if they so choose.   At the same time, 4 New England States offer “Adult Choice” and motorcyclists are leaving or bypassing Massachusetts to spend their tourist dollars each weekend; the MMA estimates that if only 10% of Massachusetts’ riders stayed home each weekend, $1.25M per day would remain in the Commonwealth.   This Bill creates “Freedom of Choice” for all motorcyclists.

More information:  MMA MC Helmet Choice Bill

Referred to:  Joint Committee on Transportation

Public Hearings:  TBD
Recommendation:   Held for Further Study

MALFUNCTIONING TRAFFIC SIGNAL BILL-H.3081 -Filed by: Representative Thomas Sannicandro

Co-Sponsors:  Senator Richard Ross:  Representatives Josh Cutler, Marjorie Decker, Shawn Dooley, Carolyn Dykema, Susan William Gifford, Bradford Hill, Randy Hunt, Louis Kafka, Paul McMurtry, James Misceli, Shaunna O'Connell, Todd Smola, David Vieira, and Chris Walsh

Throughout the Commonwealth, Motorcyclists, Bicyclists and other roadway users find themselves “stuck” at Traffic Actuated Control Signals that do not recognize their presence resulting in often illegal and potentially dangerous results.  This Bill seeks to create a set of guidelines, similar to “Right on Red” which can create consistent behavior and safe passage should a traffic signal malfunction in the Commonwealth.

More information:  MMA Malfunctioning Traffic Light Bill

Referred to:  Joint Committee on Transportation

Public Hearings:  Monday November 9, 2015 at 10:00AM in Hearing Room A-1
Recommendation:   Held for Further Study 

RIGHT OF WAY BILL-H.3056-Filed by: Representative Keiko Orrall

Co-Sponsors:  Senators Bruce Tarr and Richard Ross:  Representatives Bradley Jones, Bradford Hill, F. Jay Barrows, Donald Bertiaume, Shawn Dooley, Susan Williams Gifford, Randy Hunt, Steven Howitt, Todd Smola, Mathew Muratore, Timothy Whelan, David Vieira, Colleen Garry, Sarah Peake, Paul McMurtry, Carolyn Dykema, and James Misceli

In MA, if a motorist violates another’s Right-of-Way (RoW) they may receive nothing more than a $35 citation – a slap on the wrist; the potential penalty to a Motorcyclist, Bicyclist, or Pedestrian could be a LIFE SENTENCE at the Cemetery!  In MA, 65% of the time that a Motorcycle is involved in an accident with another vehicle, it’s because the other motorist turned left in front of the Motorcycle!  This Bill seeks accountability for motorists who injure or cause the death of other roadway users due to RoW Violations.

Public Hearings:  July 23, 2015
Action:  Riders are encouraged to write to the Joint Committee on Transportation Chairmen
Recommendation:   Held for Further Study

SPECIAL REGULATIONS FOR VEHICLE SPECIFIC CHECKPOINTS-H.2981-Jointly Filed by: Representative Carolyn Dykema and Senator Anne Gobi

CO-Sponsors:   Senator Richard Ross:  Representatives David Vieira, Bradford Hill, Paul McMurtry, Louis Kafka, Keiko Orrall, Susan Williams Gifford, Todd Smola, and Chris Walsh

Roadblocks and Vehicle Checkpoints are periodically used for Safety Purposes. Although the Massachusetts Constitution has specific processes and regulations for how and when "safety" checkpoints can be operated, it didn't stop some local municipalities from violating the Constitution with State Police support.  This Bill seeks to eliminate checkpoint stops based on the type of vehicle, or adornment of the vehicle and/or its operator.
Public Hearings:  TBD
Recommendation:   Held for Further Study


MOTORCYCLE "EQUAL ACCESS" BILL-H.3313-Jointly Filed by: Representative Shaunna O'Connell and Senator Joan Lovely

CO-Sponsors:  Senators Robert Hedlund, Richard Ross and Representatives David Vieiera, Brad Hill, Peter Durant, Jim Misceli, Susan Williams Gifford, Todd Smola, Geoff Diehl, Kevin Kuros, Joseph McKenna, and Timothy Whelan

In MA, motorcycle operators are prohibited from parking in certain structures.   This Bill seeks to eliminate this discrimination from all structures that receive monies for building, maintenance, and/or operations from the State and the Federal Government and excludes motorcyclists.

More Information:  Motorcycle Equal Access Bill
Public Hearings:  Monday November 9, 2015 at 10:00AM in Hearing Room A-1
Recommendation:   Held for Further Study