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Your MMA is hoping you're keeping safe & helping others help you!

Doc D'Errico | Published on 5/9/2020
Crazy times

With the better weather finally upon us, we know that many of you have been able to get out for some much needed saddle time. It helps reinvigorate the mind, body, and soul after the long winter, and especially after being cooped up in your home. This year has been exceptional, but not in the good way. And certainly the lower traffic on the roads has been tempting to many, but certainly not necessarily safer, as is evidenced by the high numbers of accidents involving motorcyclists in the Commonwealth.

We once again ask you... no, implore you... to not only keep a safe distance as recommended by the CDC concerning COVID-19, but to keep a safe distance and awareness from other traffic. The more time you have to respond to a potential conflict with other traffic, the less likely you are to be involved in an incident with them.

We're also hoping that we can help some of you, and that some of you can help the rest of us!

Crazy times call for Crazy measures

In a prior communication with you, we also made an offer to help. We know that many are out-of-work (hopefully temporarily) and are willing to help you through this rough patch with regard to your Massachusetts Motorcycle Association Membership Renewal. We did indeed have a couple of people reach out and have made accommodation for them based on their specific situation.

We also know that many are working extremely long hours trying to assist the rest of us, and to all of you, you have our sincerest gratitude and admiration.

In that same communication, however, we made you aware that our own battle rages on. Although the State House is effectively closed, the Massachusetts Legislature is indeed in session, and while we know we still owe you an update (coming soon, we promise!) on our pending Bills, our volunteers have been in constant contact with your Legislators with regard to them. We have also been diligently and vigilantly keeping you updated on things of interest concerning Motorcyclists in and around the Commonwealth.

But our battle this year is made even tougher in that we have lost several key opportunities to support our Association through its major source of funding outside of Membership - our annual Bike Raffle. Due to show cancellations and the lack of "Bike Nights" and other events, we've missed opportunities to meet with you, certainly, but also to sell Raffle Tickets. And now even more shows into the summer months have been cancelled or postponed to beyond the drawing date.

Previously, we estimated that we would fall approximately 600 tickets short of our annual goal due to these cancellations. With the additional cancellations, that may now potentially be even worse.

We THANK all of you who did reach out with great ideas on how to generate more ticket sales during this uncertain time, and especially those who made additional purchases, renewed their memberships, and extend an appreciative welcome to our newest members!

Given these strange times, and given that our own Annual Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Period was a wash-out (literally and figuratively), we're extending the period into the National period of May, and making the following offer:
  • With the purchase of 5 Raffle Tickets in a special limited bundle ($105), we will include a 1-year Individual Membership or Membership Renewal
  • With the purchase of 10 Raffle Tickets in a special bundle ($205), we will include a 1-year Family Membership or Membership Renewal
  • These offers MUST be purchased in the newly offered limited bundles and may not be combined (limit one per member)
  • This offer is valid only during the Month of May 2020, and while raffle tickets remain

As advertised, the drawing will be held on July 18, 2020, and there is a MAXIMUM of 2,500 tickets being sold.

Make no mistake about it. We value you and your support. Come hell or high water (or even strange viruses from overseas), we WILL hold the Raffle as scheduled and promised. Someone WILL ride away on a new 2020 Harley-Davidson Street Glide Special!

Purchase your bundle from the Raffle Bike Panel on our Website, or one of the options here:

Individual Raffle Bike TIckets Individual Membership Raffle Ticket Bundle Family Membership Raffle Ticket Bundle

For more information, please contact

©2020 Massachusetts Motorcycle Association
A STRICT Limit of ONLY 2,500 Available!
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