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MMA ALERT – Quincy midnight motorcycle ban FALSE

Published on 2/16/2017
MMA ALERT – Quincy midnight motorcycle ban FALSE

Social media can be a wonderful tool for sharing news, or a horror when scaring people into believing false reports. Circulating these past few days is a report indicating that the City of Quincy, MA, has instituted a ban against any Motorcycle being ridden between the hours of Midnight and 5am, unless exempted for work or emergency purposes. This report is NOT correct.

The report being circulated is from, an independent news provider, not the City of Quincy. When asked, Chris Walker, Director of Policy and Information for the City of Quincy responded, “It’s not going to be heard; it’s not going to be discussed, it’s not going to be debated because it’s not legal.”

And it isn’t. It’s not legal to ban any legally registered vehicle from any byway except for safety purposes, for example limiting the size of certain trucks over roadways that can’t handle their weight.

Although such a proposal was indeed filed, which no doubt prompted the original posting, the council member who filed it “immediately asked that it be withdrawn” after learning that such a proposal would not be legal, according to Mr. Walker.

The basis for the proposal is, of course, the ongoing saga of Motorcycle Sound. Your Massachusetts Motorcycle Association has reached out to the City of Quincy with regard to its "When in Town, Throttle Down!"© Campaign, and reminds riders to ride with respect, mostly in densely populated areas, and especially at night.

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