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MMA CTA: Joint Committee on Transportation to hear multiple bills of interest to motorcyclists

Published on 1/5/2016
MMA CTA: Joint Committee on Transportation to hear multiple bills of interest to motorcyclists
On the morning of January 4, 2016, the Joint Committee on Transportation announced public hearings scheduled on Wednesday January 6, 2016 at 10:00AM in Hearing Room A-2. 41 Bills are scheduled to be heard and once again the Massachusetts Motorcycle Association will have representatives attending these hearings.
The MMA notes that S.2003, the Bill authored by the MMA to completely eliminate the language that requires the motorcycle operator or passenger be required to wear a helmet is on the list of Bills to be heard. This is truly “Freedom of Choice” for motorcycle riders within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, since the Bill includes no age restrictions, insurance requirements, or training requirements associated with this bill. Passage of S.2003 would make Massachusetts the 32nd State to allow this freedom.
Also scheduled is S.1890, which is the Senate version of the Right of Way (ROW) Violations Bill directly affecting motorcyclists who are injured when another road user violates their right of way. H.3056, the House version, with identical language, was previously heard on July 23, 2015 at which a favorable ought to pass recommendation was requested of the committee by the Massachusetts Motorcycle Association.
There are also two Bills being heard (H.3073) and (S.1816) that identify motorcyclists as “vulnerable road users”. The MMA does not wish to see this classification applied to motorcyclists due to potential restrictions, legislation, and/or rulings that could adversely affect motorcycle operation on the roads here in the Commonwealth.
Due to the extremely short notice from the Transportation Committee, the MMA is asking all concerned riders to contact the committee members (contact information follows) by telephone and request a “favorable, ought to pass” recommendation for both S.2003 and S.1890. At a minimum, both Chairmen Senator McGee and Representative Straus should be called. Additionally, if your Senator or Representative is a committee member you are strongly urged to call them with this same request.
Of course if you are available on Wednesday you are more than welcome to attend the hearing, and let your voice be heard in person. If not, please immediately contact the Joint Committee on Transportation:
Senator Thomas McGee (Senate Chairman) – (617) 722-1350
Senator John Keenan (Senate Vice Chairman) - (617) 722-1494
Senator Eileen Donoghue - (617) 722-1630
Senator Linda Dorcena Forry - (617) 722-1150
Senator Eric Lesser - (617) 722-1291
Senator Michael Rush - (617) 722-1348
Representative William Straus (Chairman) - (617) 722-2400
Representative Michael Finn (House Vice Chairman) - (617) 722-2400
Representative Timothy Madden - (617) 722-2810
Representative Chris Walsh - (617) 722-2013
Representative Kenneth Gordon - (617) 722-2013
Representative Daniel Donahue - (617) 722-2006
Representative Daniel Ryan - (617) 722-2575
Representative RoseLee Vincent - (617) 722-2210
Representative Evandro Carvalho - (617) 722-2460
Representative Josepg McGonagle - (617) 722-2400
Representative Steven Howitt - (617) 722-2305
Representative David Muradian - (617) 722-2240
Representative Hannah Kane - (617) 722-2430
Please contact or visit with any questions.
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