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MMA Announces 2014 Board-of-Directors Election Results & Upcoming District Elections

Published on 10/2/2014

MMA Announces 2014 Board-of-Directors Election Results & Upcoming District Elections

On Wednesday, October 1, 2014, the Massachusetts Motorcycle Association (MMA) held its annual meeting and elections. Reelected were the MMA’s Chairman, Legislative Director, District 1 Manager, and MRF State Representative.

Pursuant to the MMA’s bylaws, notice was sent last month informing all members in good standing that the MMA Board-of-Directors would entertain any eligible candidates to fill several Board seats which were up for election. Typically, one-third of the MMA’s Board is elected every year, resulting in a 3-year term for most seats. The only annually elected position voted by the Board is the Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) State Representative. District Representatives are also elected annually, but those are elected by the District Membership during the October District Meetings.

At last night’s meeting, 3 of 4 open seats were filled. One seat, MMA District 4 Manager was suspended because there were no eligible candidates present. To be elected to a District Manager position, the candidate must be a MMA Member in good standing for at least 1 year and be a resident of that District. The MMA invites any eligible candidates interested in the position to contact the Vice Chairman who also serves as chairman of the election committee.

Of the filled seats, Dave Condon was reelected unanimously as Chairman of the Board. Dave accepted the nomination with reservations, stating that we owe it to our membership to invest heavily in the next term to identify our replacements with a vision to the future. The Board agreed, while stating that Dave’s leadership has brought the MMA to new levels of membership and success on numbers of fronts at both the State and National levels. Dave has previously served the Board as District 1 Manager and Representative in different terms.

Rick Gleason was also reelected unanimously as Legislative Director. Previously serving as District 2 Manager, Rick has also served as the MMA PAC Treasurer and chair of the Legislative Committee, while overseeing the MMA’s Legislative Agenda to great success during his tenure. Rick enters his 2nd full term as Legislative Director.

John Pecora was reelected as District 1 Manager. Sharing Dave’s reservations about the future, John indicated that he is dedicated and passionate to the mission of the MMA, but will strive to identify and groom candidates for the future. John has also served as District 1 Representative and has grown the membership in District 1 while being one of the main leaders supporting the MMA’s presence at Trade Shows and events in Eastern Massachusetts.

Doc D’Errico was reelected unanimously as MRF State Representative. Elected Annually by the Board to coincide with the MRF’s bylaws, Doc has served as the MRF State Representative since 2011 and reports monthly to the Board on issues facing us at the National level as well as around the country. To support Doc, he reappointed 3 existing Assistant State Representatives – Diane Alba, Kevin Raiche, Grady Wheeler — and added a 4th, Rick Gleason to provide representation from each of the MMA’s 4 districts to assure coverage for the MRF throughout the Commonwealth.

Additionally, each District Manager announced plans for a District Meeting to be held in October, at which each District’s active membership will elect a District Representative. The District Representative is elected annually and serves on the Board-of-Directors at the behest of the membership. Refer to the MMA Calendar on for specific dates and locations.

Lastly, the MMA Board Members are often asked how and who makes up the MMA Legislative Agenda. YOU DO! The MMA Biennial Legislative Agenda Planning Session will be held on Saturday, October 25th at the Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites in Marlboro, MA. Beginning with a MMA Board Meeting at 10 AM, followed by a lunch to all in attendance at noon, the Legislative Planning session will begin at 1 PM and discuss the MMA’s planned activities for the 2015-2016 Massachusetts General Court; this is YOUR opportunity to have your voice heard and participate in the planning process! Although the Board Meeting is only open to MMA Members (you can join online or at the meeting!), the Legislative Planning Session is open to all interested parties. 

The MMA congratulates Dave, Rick, John, and Doc on their reelection and thanks them for their continued commitment to the riders of Massachusetts!

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