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MMA Establishes a Method to Identify Biker Friendly Establishments

Published on 4/4/2012

MMA Establishes a Method to Identify Biker Friendly Establishments

This signs appears at Barrett's Ale House Bridgewater, MA
(Photo courtesy of Pete Stagman)

The MMA feels this is an extremely discriminatory practice and has met with riders to address this issue. Therefore, in conjunction with the publication of this press release, a web page has been established on the MMA's web site that will identify both biker friendly and biker unfriendly establishments. This page can be viewed at the MMA's web site by clicking the Biker Friendly Menu Button on the left.

This page will be a working document and input from all riders is encouraged. Please check back often for updates, additions, and hopefully deletions. For clarification purposes the MMA is defining a biker unfriendly establishment as "any establishment that either displays a sign or has a stated no colors policy by the owner or manager." It was felt that just because an establishment allows certain riders or holds rides to and from their business but maintain a no colors policy this did not in fact make them biker friendly. Instead it makes them hypocrites and they want your biker dollars but they want it on their terms.

Last year, through threatened boycotts and bad press, the MMA was successful in having two charity rides moved from one business on the South Shore because they wanted rides to end at their business but they had an established no colors policy. The organizers of these events saw our point and moved their rides to more biker friendly establishments and both events were very successful as a result. It is hoped that all riders of this state will follow this example, band together, and not patronize any establishment that has a no colors policy.

In a further attempted to recognize businesses that are biker friendly, the MMA has designed and purchased easy identifiable window stickers that can be placed in the front windows or doors of these biker friendly establishments.

Businesses that are Gold Card members of the MMA will also be identified by a similar sticker except that it will say MMA Gold Card member and by virtue of that they are biker friendly establishments.

Again the MMA will be relying on the riders of this state to identify the business that are worthy of these stickers and our biker bucks. To report biker friendly establishments, biker unfriendly establishments, or to obtain a sticker please contact, or

Let's all unite and stop this discrimination of our own!